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Amb. Tuliameni Kalomoh


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About the Special Advisor About the Special Advisor

Tuliameni Kalomoh (born 18 February 1948) is a Namibian diplomat who serves as Special Advisor on Foreign Affairs to the President, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed Tuliameni Kalomoh, a former Deputy Foreign Minister, as UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs in April 2002. He returned to Namibia in 2007 after Annan's term in office came to an end. During his tenure at the UN Kalomoh briefed the Security Council on developments in several African trouble spots. In 2003 he headed a UN assessment team to Liberia and in 2004 he was named as UN envoy to Equatorial Guinea in the wake of a coup plot there. Kalomoh earned his UN spurs as Annan’s Special Representative to Liberia in 1997 – a period of relative calm in the country as President Charles Taylor formed his new government. Kalomoh organised the 1997 elections.       
In early 2000, when acting as Foreign Minister while Gurirab was President of the UN General Assembly, he accused the independent print media in Namibia of acting as a “fifth column” and of being sympathetic to Unita, which at the time was linked to a series of civilian deaths in the north-east. Just before his appointment to the UN in 2002, Kalomoh denied there had been rigging or intimidation during the Zimbabwean elections despite the widely held view that the vote was not free and fair. He represented Annan on several low-key UN missions to Zimbabwe in 2004 and 2005.
Kalomoh left Namibia in 1974 as part of the exodus of thousands of young Namibians who joined Swapo in exile after the Angolan border was thrown open. In 1973 he was arrested with other leading Swapo Youth League activists by the apartheid authorities and detained without charge for four months. He remained loyal to Nujoma during the upheavals of 1974-76, when several of his SYL colleagues were accused of fomenting rebellion within Swapo.