Diplomatic Missions Diplomatic Missions


There are currently 34 Namibian Diplomatic Missions abroad some of which are concurrently accredited to more than one country.

The main responsibilities of these missions are, among others: to represent the Republic of Namibia abroad;

  • to protect in an overseas country the interests of the Republic of Namibia and that of its nationals abroad by taking care of their welfare within the limits permitted by international law;
  • negotiating with governments or authorities to whom they are accredited;   
  • promoting friendly relations between the Republic of Namibia and the country of accreditation; and developing economic, cultural and scientific relations


  • Representing Namibia’s interests in the political, economic and cultural fields;
  • Promoting Namibia’s objectives on the economic and political arena, at the level of local Governments, political leaders, think-tanks, mass-media etc.
  • Stimulating the development of relations and facilitating economic and commercial contacts between Namibian and foreign companies;
  • Providing information regarding the business environment and opportunities in Namibia;
  • Promoting cooperation between the representatives of Namibian communities at local level;
  • Stimulating dialogue and cooperation between local communities and Namibia;
  • Sending information regarding commercial, economic, cultural evolutions in the consular areas in which they operate;
  • Offering assistance to Namibian citizens;
  • Promoting Namibian culture;
  • Stimulating cooperation between Namibia and foreign tertiary institutions and research organizations.