Directorates Directorates

Directorate of Legal Treaties and Agreements

The Directorate is headed by a Director and has main two divisions:  Multilateral Treaties division and Bilateral agreements division, each headed by a Deputy Director.

The Directorate

  • assists in the preparation and deposit of instruments for ratification/acceptance/accession of Conventions;
  • receives and processes requests for legal assistance from other Ministries and other countries;
  • participates in the negotiations of agreements, coordinates negotiations with other Ministries, and does the preparation of agreements to be signed;
  • provides in-house legal advice;
  • attends to the authentication of documents;
  • attends to meetings of a legal nature;
  • participates in the work of international and disarmament organizations, etc

Directorate of Information and Research

This Directorate is headed by a Director and consists of two sections:  Public Relations section and library section, headed by a Deputy Director.

The directorate is task with implementing the Public Diplomacy strategies, develop research strategy and enhance library management system.

The objective is to create a communication environment that allows optimal opportunity for the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation to gain exposure through the use of various communication and information tools.

The Directorate provides information about current events to the media, the domestic public and the foreign public.

The Directorate has embarked upon a renewed comprehensive public diplomacy drive that will ensure that the ministry’s international relations policy is known across all sectors of our society.

Head of Directorates Head of Directorates

Legal Treaties & Agreements

Head: Mr. Gerhard Theron


Information & Research

Head: Ms. Bertha Amakali